Article 1.- Registered name

The Company is named “CORPORACIÓN ACCIONA ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.A.” (“CAER”), is of a commercial and public limited nature, of Spanish nationality and will be governed by these Articles of Association, the Regulations of the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors’ Regulations, and where not subject to specific provisions, the legislation applicable to listed public limited companies.

Article 2.- Object

The Company’s object is:

  1. The exploitation of all kinds of primary energy resources by means of the promotion, development, design, construction, management, operation, maintenance, repair and operation of (i) renewable energy source electricity general facilities and (ii) green hydrogen generation facilities.
  2. The commercialisation, sale and storage of the electricity generated by electricity production facilities using renewable energy sources.
  3. The production, transport, storage, delivery, sale and commercialisation of green hydrogen and subproducts derived from hydrogen.
  4. The performance of all kinds of study and research related to the electricity and energy business in general, and specifically to renewable energy, as well as the technology applicable to such business.
  5. The performance of R+D+I activities related to the foregoing businesses, as well as the development of new auxiliary technologies for renewable energy.
  6. The performance of activities of a preparatory or supplementary nature to those included in the corporate object.
  7. The provision of all kinds of services to investee companies and undertakings, granting any guarantees and security as appropriate in their favour in this regard.
  8. The management of its business group comprising the holdings in other companies and undertakings.

*This is translation of a duly approved Spanish-language document, and is provided for informational purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy between the text of this translation and the text of the original Spanish-language document which this translation is intended to report, the text of the original Spanish-language shall prevail.