We invest in the planet

ACCIONA Energía makes sustainability a cross-cutting theme in its entire corporate strategy


Sustainability is an intrinsic value of ACCIONA Energía. All our activities are directly focused on providing the best possible energy solutions to decarbonize the economy and create a positive impact on the planet that makes development sustainable. The company’s Sustainability Report outlines the most important activities of the company in this field, which have made us a benchmark in Sustainability.

Exponential leadership


We share the same values, we work for the same purpose.


Our commitment is genuine and ACCIONA's people know it and share it. ACCIONA's people are proud to work in the organization and satisfy their need to contribute with their dedication and knowledge to improve the lives of the people in the environment where they work.

Certifications obtained by ACCIONA Energía

  1. Sustainability Master Plan 20-25

    The roadmap that guides our sustainability performance.


    Our main advantage comes from people. We develop a strategy based on merit recognition, diversity, inclusion, leadership and access to rights.

  3. Positive planet

    We seek a positive impact on the planet through business models based on decarbonization, ecosystem conservation and the circular use of resources.

  4. Exponential leadership

    We are not neutral. We pursue a purpose. We have a deep vocation of leadership in the sustainable transformation of the economy and society.

  5. Integrate to transfom

    We have the ability to create a unique sustainable difference by having a portfolio of solutions aligned with sustainable transformation.

  6. Regenerative impulse

    ACCIONA Energía aims for its efforts to amplify its capacity to create positive sustainable impacts through a different way of doing things.


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