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    Would you like to reduce your carbon footprint?

    We offer customized solutions for companies that wish to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the sustainability of their activities, while helping to reduce their electricity bills and guaranteeing a stable price over time.


    Once again, ACCIONA Energy launches its end-of-year video to review the milestones of its activity during 2018 and main challenges to keep leading the energy transition in 2019.

    Major projects

      First grid-connected renewable facility on Easter Island

      We have donated the Tama Te Ra'a photovoltaic plant to Easter Island as a first step to implement a clean energy system in this Pacific paradise

      Annual Report 2017

      ACCIONA's results in 2017 and how its strategy is able to respond to some of the major global challenges of humanity: Integrated Report, Sustainability Report and Annual Accounts

      Latest news

      Sishen solar photovoltaic plant in South Africa
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      Sishen solar photovoltaic plant in South Africa

      It was only relatively recently that the biggest, yet least populated, region of South Africa stepped out on its own. Until 1994, Northern Cape province came under the ward of Cape Province along with its two sisters, Eastern and Western Cape. Following an administrative split, the three went their own ways.

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