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29 June 2021

ACCIONA Energía to float at €26.73 per share

The 100% renewable energy company will debut on the Spanish stock exchanges on Thursday with a €8.8 billion initial valuation

17 June 2021

ACCIONA sets the price range for ACCIONA Energía’s IPO between €26.73 and €29.76 per share

The Board of Directors authorizes offering a minimum of 15% and a maximum of 25% of its renewable business, plus the green shoe.

8 June 2021

ACCIONA Energía awarded top ESG score in power sector by S&P

ACCIONA Energía has received the global power industry’s top environmental, social and governance (ESG) score in a cross-sector evaluation by S&P Global Ratings.

7 June 2021

ACCIONA Energía announces its intention to float on the spanish stock exchanges

The company plans to double its installed capacity to a total of 20GW over five years

26 May 2021

ACCIONA secures ACCIONA Energía's finacial independence with €3.3 billion in syndicated ESG loans

ACCIONA and ACCIONA Energía today signed financing agreements linked to environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria, for €800 million and €2.5 billion, respectively.

14 April 2021

ACCIONA picks Citi, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Bestinver Securities for its energy business IPO

ACCIONA announced today the appointment of Citi, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs y Morgan Stanley, together with Bestinver Securities, as documentation banks for the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of its subsidiary, ACCIONA Energy.

18 February 2021

ACCIONA posts €380 million profit (+8.1%) studies potential energy business IPO

Global green transition process and investors' interest in ESG companies offer a great opportunity to accelerate the company's growth pace.