Positive impact on people and planet

We are the biggest utility in the world without a fossil legacy


A determined drive to implement a renewable energy system and overcome the fossil fuel system is the only way to solve the challenge of decarbonization that will allow humanity to contain the planet's temperature and overcome the climate emergency.

The world has to face up to the challenge of decarbonising the economy and, in particular, creating an energy model to replace the existing one with another more sustainable version that will help to restore the harmonious relationship between the human race and the planet.


In ACCIONA Energía we accept this challenge as a call to action, a stimulus to offer the planet the best and most effective solutions to achieve a decarbonised economy.


We are the biggest utility in the world without a fossil legacy that only operates in renewable technologies, with more than 30 years’ experience in the sector and one of the most competent workforces in the world.

We design integrated energy solutions for a better planet, solutions that improve the living conditions of the communities where we operate, creating long-term relationships and a lasting positive impact.


Solutions such as electricity supplies based on renewable sources, a commitment to new energy solutions such as battery storage or green hydrogen, together with energy services and smart charging of electric vehicles.


The disruptive and pioneering way in which ACCIONA Energía undertakes its activities have made the company a leader in the energy sector thanks to its vision that involves bringing forward solutions for the future and leading the technological evolution, backed up by its technical capability and operational experience.

  1. The biggest operator without a fossil legacy

    We are the biggest global energy operator that has only worked with renewable energies since we started

  2. Global experience and scale

    We have a strong track record of over 30 years in different areas of the world under a variety of regulatory frameworks.

    All over the world
  3. Integrated model and operational excellence

    We apply a vertically integrated business model that is characterised by our operational excellence. This favours the completion of projects on time and earns the trust of our clients.

    Technologies and solutions
  4. Leadership in environmental, social and good governance sustainability

    We have been awarded the best grading in the energy sector by S&P Global Ratings for our performance in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG).

  5. The ability to grow based on solid projects

    Our aim is to continue on a path of profitable growth, for which we have a solid, tangible and diversified project portfolio

    Technologies and solutions
  6. Pioneers in new solutions and business models

    We are committed to being at the forefront in innovation and new business models, in order to anticipate the energy solutions that will mark the future.




GW total installed capacity


TWh total renewable production


million households (consumption)


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Million tonnes of CO2 avoided




Customers are our best guarantee. These are just some of the corporations and entities with which we have collaborated, designing solutions aimed at achieving more efficient, competitive and sustainable energy consumption. From iconic corporations to small businesses, they all deserve our utmost consideration and thanks.

100% clean energy

Do you want to have the best renewable energy supply?

We offer 100% renewable energy solutions to corporations, companies and organizations, designed to reduce their carbon footprint and optimize their energy consumption.