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ACCIONA Energía presents an energy calculator to improve energy efficiency at homes in Gijon, Spain

21 Sep 2023

ACCIONA Energía presented yesterday a digital energy calculator to help citizens from the city of...

ACCIONA and ACCIONA Energía reuse biomass slag in A-68 road construction works

18 Sep 2023

The pilot has reused 1,500 tonnes of biomass slag

ACCIONA Energía and Aruba sign deal for Green Hydrogen Valley

29 Aug 2023

ACCIONA Energía and the Government of Aruba to establish a renewable hydrogen ecosystem

ACCIONA Energía earns €405 million (+3.9%) and maintains a strong pace of deployment

27 Jul 2023

During the period, the company doubled its net investment cash flow to €1.54 billion

ACCIONA Energía to build new 280MW wind project in Canada

26 Jul 2023

ACCIONA Energía has announced today the start of the construction of Forty Mile

ACCIONA, ACCIONA Energía add local impact to new Green Financing Framework

25 Jul 2023

ACCIONA will annually inform about the issuance of green financing instruments