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ACCIONA Energía sets up the first bi-directional charging network for electric vehicles in Spain

30 Nov 2022

ACCIONA Energía has set up the Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Balearic Islands project, creating the first...

ACCIONA Energía to expand the macintyre wind precinct in Australia to 2000MW

28 Nov 2022

ACCIONA Energía has announced development of the Herries Range Wind Farm (1,000MW), an expansion ...

ACCIONA Energía connects young unemployed people and companies in Almendralejo

24 Nov 2022

The 'Colabora Almendralejo' program is part of the Social Impact Management (GIS) plan of the pho...

ACCIONA Energía recovers 5,000-year-old archaeological remains at photovoltaic project in Badajoz

10 Nov 2022

A total of 11 sites have been located and delimited, including a group of ‘causewayed enclosures’...

"Integrating sustainability and finance is proving incredibly effective for ACCIONA”

10 Nov 2022

ACCIONA has a strong presence in infrastructure aimed at mitigation

ACCIONA Energía signs PPA to supply renewable energy to Stanwell Corporation

8 Nov 2022

ACCIONA Energía has signed an agreement for the supply of 150MW of 100% renewable energy to Stanw...

A personal take on our projects

Sustainable regeneration: the art of improving without altering - BR

Below we look at some of the communities that have benefited from the energy, water and sanitation programs of the foundation - and can testify that the lives of people are being improved while as far as possible respecting their identities and the surroundings they live in.

A personal take on our projects

Pioneers of the wind - BR

ACCIONA Energía put the first commercial wind farms into service in Spain almost 30 years ago. The experience obtained since then has made the company one of the most trusted in the sector.

A personal take on our projects

Energy of the Istmo - Brasil versión

Thanks to this ACCIONA program to support the incorporation of female professionals on wind farms, there are more and more women engineers working in maintenance jobs at facilities in the Isthmus region of Mexico.

The latest news about sustainability

COP27 creates a fund for vulnerable countries, but doesn’t address fossil fuels

COP27 did not increase the ambition to reduce the use of fossil fuels, but has created a fund to repair the damage caused by climate change

The latest news about sustainability

The machinery of delay now masking as climate change denial

Climate change denial has gone from rejecting scientific evidence to dodging taking urgent measures to halt global warming

The latest news about sustainability

The race to develop green hydrogen - a sustainable challenge

The race to produce green hydrogen has begun - with several world powers competing to lead the field

The latest news about innovation

Nighttime Solar Power? A New Sensor Lights the Way

An innovative technology expands the potential of solar energy to produce electricity even at night.

The latest news about innovation

Weaving the Future: A Step Closer to Smart and Wireless Clothing

Researchers use metamaterials to create long-range, battery-free wireless transmitters that could revolutionize the smart clothing industry.

The latest news about innovation

3D Printing with Sound Is Making Waves

Ultrasounds like those used to remove tumors will be applied to 3D printing with waves to manufacture sensors or even organic implants.


RT @LIFE_INDESAL: Our coordinator, @ACCIONA_EN, is a worldwide leader in #ReverseOsmosis with over 30 years of experience in #desalination.…


RT @IWAHQ: #DigitalWaterSummit: José Diaz-Caneja has begun giving his keynote on Unlocking the Regenerative Power of #water. He will addre…


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RT @HomewardBound16: It’s #Antarctica Day, when we celebrate the signing of the Antarctic Treaty by 12 countries on December 1, 1959. The T…


Our #ACCIONAteam @ACCIONA_ORG takes clean, sustainable electricity to communities in the Napo river basin⚡️in deepe…

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