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ACCIONA Energía earns €390 million and maintains investment pace in renewables

27 Jul 2022

The company's profitability was underpinned by increased financial efficiency, a growing commerci...

ACCIONA Energía and FORTIA sign Spain’s largest renewable industrial PPA

26 Jul 2022

ACCIONA Energía will cover the supply through its 100% renewable energy facilities in Spain

ACCIONA Energía receives top ESG score in power sector by S&P

21 Jul 2022

The company reaffirms its leadership for the second year and increases its score from 86 to 87 ou...

ACCIONA Energía ramps up growth with two new wind farms in Croatia

18 Jul 2022

ACCIONA Energía will build the 27MW Opor and 45MW Boraja II wind farms linked to a PPA assigned t...

ACCIONA Energía enters the Ibex 35

10 Jun 2022

ACCIONA Energía began trading on July 1st 2021

A personal take on our projects

The gem of urban regeneration, OMBÚ

The old engine factory now functions as an innovative office building that conserves its old size as well as the outstanding architectural elements of the original. Do you want to know it?

A personal take on our projects

Falces, the idyllic town complete with wind

Wind power has brought technology and sustainability to the small Navarre town where the world-famous saxophonist Pedro Iturralde was born and they grow “best garlic in the world”

A personal take on our projects

Canfranc, the regeneration of a dream

ACCIONA's refurbishment of the emblematic Canfranc building and the creation of a new station with a new track bed is now a reality that will return the whisper of railway sleepers to a genuinely railway landscape.

The latest news about sustainability

Megadiverse countries and why they are vital for conserving the planet

Megadiverse countries are vital for the sustainability of the planet. How they conserve nature will define Earth’s future.

The latest news about sustainability

From cities that discriminate to cities for everyone: inclusive urban planning

Design of cities and towns is a powerful tool when used to exclude certain groups of people. Introducing inclusive urban planning… to correct past wrongs.

The latest news about sustainability

Living in an urban heat island: what can we do about extreme heat in cities?

The urban heat island phenomenon and climate change mean that cities must adapt to extreme heat and tackle the rising temperatures. Let’s look at some examples.

The latest news about innovation

Smart Pillows: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

The new gadget can monitor sleep patterns and is battery-free, using motion-based triboelectric nanogenerators.

The latest news about innovation

Nature Inspires the Next Generation of Renewable Energy Tech

Solar trees inspired by the Fibonacci spiral, wind turbines that learn from whales, or solar panels based on butterflies are some examples.

The latest news about innovation

Smart Beehives Will Monitor their Colonies with AI

A new generation of beehives will take care of bees and even harvest honey automatically using solar energy.


Discover one of the world’s biggest floating caisson-building docks 😍, a spectacular infrastructure able to constru…


Energy, water, and sanitation are three key elements by which we can improve people’s lives ⚡️🚰🚾 @acciona_org contr…


Before watching this video, ask yourself “Which structure comes to mind when I think of ‘fascinating bridges’?” 🌉 A…


"𝗕𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗮𝘀 𝗨𝗻𝘂𝘀𝘂𝗮𝗹" is not only a novel focus at the company level, it’s a different way of doing business seekin…


New processes like capacitive deionization aim to obtain more fresh water while using less energy. This technology…

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