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ACCIONA Energía, the largest independent 100% renewable energy retailer in Spain in 2021

17 May 2022

Represents more than 9% of the total certified renewable supply in the entire Spanish market.

ACCIONA Energía starts building Australia’s largest wind farm (1,026MW)

9 May 2022

The company’s largest wind farm in the world

Unibail Rodamco Westfield assigns ACCIONA Energía the energy management of its assets in Spain

21 Apr 2022

ACCIONA Eenrgía will supply renewable energy and integral management 

“Renewables offer energy independence, price stability, local wealth and job creation”

7 Apr 2022

ACCIONA Energía closed 2021 with more than 1,200GWh under contract in PPAs

ACCIONA Energía to compete in the 2023 World Solar Challenge in Australia

25 Mar 2022

The World Solar Challenge brings together solar vehicles designed and built by teams of students

A personal take on our projects

Green hydrogen will it go down in history as a new revolution

ACCIONA Energía produces in Mallorca first industrial ecosystem renewable hydrogen on the european island.

A personal take on our projects

Sustainable regeneration: the art of improving without altering

Below we look at some of the communities that have benefited from the energy, water and sanitation programs of the foundation - and can testify that the lives of people are being improved while as far as possible respecting their identities and the surroundings they live in.

A personal take on our projects

New bridge over legendary Pacific route

Today, Cebu city home to an incredible engineering work which is once more putting the Philippines on the map, and the route to progress and improved communications. That is, the Cebu bridge built by ACCIONA.

The latest news about sustainability

Floods, drought and how climate change affects the water cycle

The temperature increases, water heats, evaporates faster, and the consequences translate into droughts and intense rainfall. This is how climate change affects the water cycle.

The latest news about sustainability

Droughts are increasingly common and last longer due to climate change

Droughts worldwide are worsening due to climate change. The countries of the Horn of Africa suffer deadly famines due to water shortage.

The latest news about sustainability

Lessons from sustainable regeneration: the generous and intelligent life of plants

Understanding the capacity of plants to adapt, and the positive impact they generate in their environment, will help us embark on the sustainable regeneration the planet needs

The latest news about innovation

Nanorobots Give a Helping Hand for Wastewater Cleanup

The new generation of nanorobots offers applications such as trapping toxic molecules employing polymer "hands" while powered by magnetic fields.

The latest news about innovation

This Wearable Technology Will Help Wheelchair Users

A wearable technology prototype will allow wheelchairs and electronic devices to be operated with simple facial gestures.

The latest news about innovation

Sounds Good: Removing Microplastics from Water with Ultrasounds

Indonesian scientists have developed a new technology capable of filtering microplastics with underwater sound waves.


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Just six countries are home to nearly 50% of the planet’s water resources. Only 5 rivers hold 27% of water resource…


Head of Business Development of our Concessions business in North America Jaime Díaz Pérez will be participating at…


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