Ms. Fanjul Suárez began her career as a senior analyst at the independent financial and strategic advisory firm Confivendis and later worked as managing director at Solon Inversiones until 2011. She has developed her professional career in the field of electronic commerce, holding various relevant positions: member of the board of directors of from 2009 to 2011, chief executive officer of StepOne Ventures from 2009 to 2011, and chief executive officer of from 2012 to2014. Between 2014 and 2020, she served for Inditex as head of e-commerce with the aim of growing the e-commerce business of the group's brands. As such, Ms Fanjul Suárez was in charge of the selection and management of team members, international expansion, P&L management, and risk analysis. In addition, since 2021, she is member of the advisory board of Klarna.

Ms. Fanjul Suárez is also co-founder and chairperson of Chamberi Valley, an association focused on the creation and consolidation of start-ups. Furthermore, she is a speaker and collaborator at IE Business School and the Comillas Pontifical University ICADE, both located in Madrid.

Ms. Fanjul Suárez has broad international experience in Europe, United States, Latin America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. In Europe, United States and Asia she partnered with main online platforms (Zalando, ASOS, Google, Facebook, Alibaba, SSG). In the United States, she founded and managed StepOne in San Francisco. In Latin America, she launched in Mexico. Moreover, she launched and managed Inditex online business in Europe, United States, Latin America, Australia, China, Korea, Japan, South-East Asia, Russia, Turkey and the Middle East.

Ms. Fanjul Suárez graduated in business administration and management at the Comillas Pontifical University ICADE in Madrid, and she complemented her studies at the University of Cardiff in Wales.