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ACCIONA Energía begins construction of biomass plant in Logrosán (Extremadura)

22 Mar 2023

ACCIONA Energía celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony for the biomass plant in Logrosán (Extrema...

Palma’s local transport company EMT presents first three green hydrogen buses

10 Mar 2023

The EMT presented the first three green hydrogen buses in Palma to join its fleet in circulation ...

Lisbon Metro achieves carbon neutrality thanks to ACCIONA Energía’s renewable electricity supply

8 Mar 2023

Lisbon Metro announced it has achieved carbon neutrality across all its operations thanks to the ... expanded universal access to energy, water, sanitation to 92,500 people in 2022

6 Mar 2023

ACCIONA’s corporate foundation provides basic services to remote populations and acts in 1,125 co...

ACCIONA and the UPM create ACCIONA Green Hydrogen Innovation chair

1 Mar 2023

This initiative is consistent with the company's strategy to foster public-private collaboration

ACCIONA posts €441 million net profit, invests €2 billion

27 Feb 2023

ACCIONA closed 2022 with a net profit of €441 million

A personal take on our projects

Construir a maior infraestrutura do Brasil com mãos femininas

A Linha 6 do Metrô de São Paulo é o maior projeto de infraestruturas em desenvolvimento na América Latina. Em sua fábrica de aduelas, 70% são mulheres, e isto já é um símbolo do compromisso da ACCIONA com a integração da mulher na construção.

A personal take on our projects

Assim nace um parque eólico, Celada Fusión

Participe deste tour e descubra, passo a passo, como é construído um parque eólico. Um vídeo e uma galeria de fotos com muitas curiosidades sobre este tipo de projetos, neste caso o parque eólico Celada Fusión, que nos ajudam a mover o mundo sem causar danos ao planeta.

A personal take on our projects

Especialistas em projetar um planeta melhor

E se investir no planeta fosse a decisão mais inteligente? Cada vez mais rostos conhecidos estão dizendo que sim. Descubra nossos aliados em todo o mundo.

The latest news about sustainability

The High Seas Treaty, an historic agreement for the planet

The UN strikes an historic deal to safeguard marine life, protecting 30% of the oceans by 2030. Below, why this is such a significant milestone for the planet.

The latest news about sustainability

What is the most sustainable, cheapest energy? The energy saved!

The more energy we save, the less CO2 we emit. Energy efficiency is one of the keys to tackling climate change.

The latest news about sustainability

How “sponge cities” act to prevent droughts and flooding

As cities experience the effects of climate change, new designs are emerging to mitigate the damage. Find out more about “sponge cities”.

The latest news about innovation

This Sand Battery Could Become a Key Ally for Renewable Energy

The world's first sand battery is already operating in Finland, supplying heat to residential and office buildings in the city of Kankaanpää.

The latest news about innovation

Mollusk Shells Relive as Construction Biomaterials

Bioconcrete, furniture, or slabs are among the construction biomaterials obtained from the calcium carbonate found in the shells of aquatic creatures.

The latest news about innovation

Blockchain and Avatars: Looking into The Future of Work in the Metaverse

In addition to entertainment and new ways of socializing, the metaverse could define the workplace of the future.


RT @DiegoramiroPini: As every year, on March 22 #WorldWaterDay is celebrated in order to raise awareness about the importance of water in o…


RT @ACCIONACareers: In recent years, the concept of 𝗛𝘂𝗺𝗮𝗻 𝗙𝗹𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗶𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 has expanded to go beyond employee #happiness or #satisfaction with l…


RT @ACCIONAEnergia: We are at @KeyEnergyit. Today you will be able to visit different wind 🌬️ and photovoltaic 🌞 energy installations from…


RT @Imnovation: This project aims to provide a #watertreatment solution that can favor water reuse in #industrialenvironments 💦🧐 Find out…


RT @ACCIONA_CA: Crews are building the #PattulloBridgeReplacement’s bridge tower in 5-metre increments called ‘segment jumps.’ 13 of 33 seg…


RT @ACCIONAEnergia: .@KeyEnergyit is on ✅ This is how #ACCIONAteam is prepared to let you know our plans in the country 🇮🇹 Visit us in hall…

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