We have headed Energy Intelligence’s ranking of the cleanest utility companies since 2015.


The world has the challenge of facing the decarbonization of the economy and, in particular, of its energy model, replacing it with a more sustainable one that contributes to restoring harmony in humanity’s relationship with its planet. A determined push to implement a renewable energy system and overcome the fossil-based system is the only way to meet the decarbonization challenge, allowing humanity to contain the planet’s temperature and overcome the climate emergency.

At ACCIONA Energía we take on this challenge as an opportunity to provide the planet with the most suitable and effective solutions to reach a decarbonized economy.

ACCIONA Energía is the largest utility in the world without a fossil legacy, exclusively operating in renewable technologies, with more than 30 years’ industry experience and one of the most expert teams in the world. It designs integrated energy solutions for a better planet. These solutions improve the lives of the communities, where we create long-term relationships and lasting positive impact.

They are solutions like: the supply of electricity produced from renewable sources; a firm commitment to new energy solutions, such as battery storage or green hydrogen; energy services and smart electric vehicle charging.

We are active in the main clean energies, in particular wind and photovoltaic, but we also have experience in -and are open to- other technologies. We produce 100% renewable electricity equivalent to the consumption of more than 7 million people on the five continents, thereby avoiding the emission of more than 13 million tonnes of CO₂ to the atmosphere per year. We contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of leading companies in a wide range of sectors, e.g. Amazon, Google, Telefónica or Novartis, from among over 600 corporate clients.

With near 12 renewable gigawatts (GW) in operation and the aim of reaching 20 GW by 2025, ACCIONA Energía has a unique company profile with more than 30 years’ experience in the sector and a presence throughout the value chain. Since 2015 it has headed the ‘greenest utilities in the world’ ranking published by Energy Intelligence (Energy Intelligence New Energy Green Utilities).

The disruptive and pioneering nature of ACCIONA Energía has positioned it as a leader in the energy sector, thanks to its vision in advancing the solutions of the future and placing itself at the forefront of technological evolution, backed by its technical capacity and operational excellence.


With a capacity of near 12 GW in five renewable technologies, we produce 100% clean energy on the five continents, equivalent to the consumption of 7 million households


satisfaction and engagement

Employee satisfaction and engagement are the key attributes of the relationship model that ACCIONA Energía aspires to achieve with its employees

In the latest 2021 survey, ACCIONA Energía's global employee engagement stood at 72%, up three points from 2019. In addition, 82% of respondents would not hesitate to recommend the company to a friend looking for a job.