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    MICORMASS Project

    New techniques to mitigate the corrosión of multicombustible biomass power plants.

    The content of alkali (potassium, sodium) and chloride in the biomass, typically generate important deposits or agglomeration at relatively low temperatures, which is a serious problem in the operation of the plants. Besides, chlorine speeds up the corrosion of the metal walls of the boilers.

    Each biomass has different alkali and chlorine content and hence the deposition and corrosion problems in terms of the raw material varies. The appearance of areas of corrosion in pipes and equipment are a common problem in biomass power plants. It can cause weakening of the wall thickness of the pipes, leakage, reduction of the useful life of equipment and Increase of operation and maintenance costs.

    General Information

    ACCIONA's biomass plants in Miajadas (Cáceres), Briviesca (Burgos) y Sangüesa (Navarra).
    01/08/2014 - 31/12/2015.
    239,609 €.
    Additional information
    MICORMASS Project is co-funded by the EEAGrants Program (2nd round), managed by CDTI.



    • To develop new strategies for the protection of the pipes that make up the superheater located inside of the boiler and air heaters from the effects of corrosion, which cause loss of load and have a negative impact on combustion processes.
    • To study the patterns of temperature inside of the superheater (tubes and beams) to detect areas where overheating occurs.
    • To perform a new design based on the superheater temperature studies that balance temperature superheater.
    • To propose and test new coating on the tubes to decrease the temperature in the superheater areas where it is established that takes excessive values.
    • To evaluate cleaning methodologies for the equipment to prevent that the accumulated dirt originates corrosion phenomena in the tubes.

    Content and activities

    In summary, the project focuses on the following fields of research:

    • Study of temperatures in the superheater
    • Research into failure modes in the fireplace.
    • New ceramic coatings.
    • Cleaning systems by microexplosions application in biomass boilers.
    • Integration and testing results.


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