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    New tool for real-time control and surveillance of hydraulic elements in hydropower stations in order to improve predictive maintenance

    The overall objective of the project is the development of a tool to carry out the real-time control and surveillance of hydraulic elements (channels, pressure piping and feed tunnels) in hydropower stations to predict the likelihood of failures and to develop an efficient and reliable predictive maintenance system as a result.

    Control and surveillance systems for hydraulic elements have traditionally been based on the direct observation of the infrastructure through periodic inspections, in which the technician’s experience and criterion are key factors. With this new tool, the aim is to avoid the sporadic and unexpected breakage of hydraulic elements and to minimize the consequences that can arise from a hypothetical failure of the infrastructure.

    The objective of the Project is in line with ACCIONA Energía’s strategy, based on the efficient and safe operation of hydraulic elements and caring for the environment.

    General information

    Hydraulic Production Department of Acciona
    January 2016 - December 2017
    Acciona and companies specialized in sensor, monitoring and alarm systems.
    More information
    Project financed by CDTI and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the multi-regional operational programme


    Content and activities

    • Creation of a comprehensive risk map, identifying any critical points that could affect third parties.
    • Development of a new control and alarm tool through a system of sensors and the monitoring of critical points.
    • Validation of the tool developed.


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