Mr. Varo Rodríguez began his business career more than 20 years ago, having carried out different entrepreneurial projects throughout. He is currently the head of business strategy and chairperson at GAT Inversiones. GAT is a private investment company with a perimeter that covers sectors such as tourism, real estate, telecommunications and technology, having participated as a reference partner in the first Spanish unicorn Cabify. Mr. Varo Rodríguez is currently vice-chairperson and board member of Grupo PRISA, chairperson of its digital transformation committee and member of Grupo PRISA's appointments and remuneration committee, as well as member of the board of directors of the Círculo de Empresarios del Sur de España (CESUR).

Mr. Varo Rodríguez is the founder of the electricity company PepeEnergy and the telecommunications company PepeLatam. He has been vice-chairperson of the telecommunications company PepePhone, and a member of various boards of directors, including El León de El Español Publicaciones, S.A., publisher of El Español newspaper and the financial portal Invertia. Previously, he was responsible for business development at MP Corporación’s industrial and engineering areas, where he participated in energy and water infrastructure development projects and also in the development of the corporation sustainability strategy.

Mr. Varo Rodríguez has consolidated his professional career internationally, with a focus on Europe and Latin America. In Europe, he has attained business strategy experience in the Iberian market through the spheres of influence of GAT Inversiones, PRISA and PepePhone. In Latin America, as chairperson of GAT Inversiones he has championed the group's business development in Mexico and, as vice-chairperson of PRISA, he has participated in the strategy of the leading educational company in Latin America through Santillana. He is a professor of the master in finance and banking at the Pablo Olavide University of Seville and a speaker in the Senior Management Program of the San Telmo Business School, where he addresses subjects such as business mergers and acquisitions or the digital economy.

Within the framework of his social and cultural action, Mr. Varo Rodríguez is a patron of the Teatro Real and the Alalá Foundation, a benchmark in the development of social integration projects for groups at risk of exclusion in southern Spain.

Mr. Varo Rodríguez graduated in law from the University of Seville.