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ACCIONA Windpower launches new 125 meter rotor for the AW3000 wind turbine


It is being unveiled for the first time at EWEA 2013 Exhibition starting in Vienna today

ACCIONA Windpower has launched a new 125 meter rotor that gives its AW3000 wind turbine superior performance at low-wind sites. The AW 125/3000 model combines a 125 meter rotor with the AW3000 three megawatt wind turbine generator and ACCIONA's 120 meter concrete tower to create an industry-leading solution for low wind, IEC Class III sites.

The new evolution of the AW3000 platform is being unveiled for the first time at EWEA 2013 Exhibition starting in Vienna today.

The 125 meter rotor captures wind energy from a swept area of over 12,300 square meters, delivering a level of energy production that can make low-wind sites attractive to wind farm developers and owners.

"The design innovation of our 125 meter rotor combined with the proven AW3000 platform creates a truly superior machine for low-wind sites," said Patxi Landa, Director of Global Business Development for ACCIONA Windpower.  "With the introduction of the AW 125/3000, ACCIONA Windpower now has rotor options that enable almost any site globally to deliver maximum production at a lower cost of energy."

The AW 125/3000 represents another scaled evolution of the ACCIONA Windpower product line, using tested and proven designs to ensure performance over the long term.  ACCIONA Windpower will complete the Design Certification for its new rotor in 2013 with the first blades installed by the end of the year.  The AW 125/3000 will be available for delivery in 2014 for both 50 and 60 Hz markets.

Steel and concrete towers

ACCIONA Windpower is launching the 125 meter rotor following the success of its 116 meter rotor option for IEC Class II, introduced in 2011. The company has started or completed installations of the AW3000 in Spain, Poland, and the US and has commitments for projects in Brazil, Canada, and South Africa for 2013 and 2014. 

ACCIONA Windpower offers two product lines, the AW3000 3 MW turbine with 100, 109, 116 and 125 meter rotor options and the AW1500 1.5 MW turbine with 70, 77 and 82 meter rotor options. ACCIONA Windpower provides steel towers as well as 100 and 120 meter concrete towers that allow turbines to reach the better wind resource available at higher hub heights.

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