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    Costa Rica

    A new country in our wind portfolio

    ACCIONA started operations in Costa Rica with the construction of its first wind farm in the country – Chiripa –, which entered service in June 2014. Chiripa has 33 wind turbines (1.5 MW each). The project was the result of a tender called by the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE). It produces clean energy equivalent to the consumption of around 80,000 homes in Costa Rica.




    Chiripa (49.5 MW) is ACCIONA’s first wind farm in Costa Rica. It was opened by Vice-president Ana Helena Chacón on 15th November 2014. It has thirty-three AW1500 turbines of ACCIONA Windpower technology that can supply clean energy to around 80,000 homes. The Chiripa Wind Farm is the most efficient one, in terms of load factor, of those installed by ACCIONA in the world.


    ACCIONA Energía Costa Rica, S.A.

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    Centro Corporativo Plaza Roble Escazu, Edificio Las Terrazas Piso 5, Oficina nº 532 San José- Costa Rica

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