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Traceability with blockchain

ACCIONA has developed its Greenchain platform using blockchain technology in order to guarantee its custumers the traceability of every 100% renewable kWh supplied by the company

Greenchain is a commercial platform developed by AC-CIONA based on blockchain technology. It allows clients to visualise -in real time- the 100% renewable origin of the electricity supplied with complete reliability and security.

The platform registers the exact moment at which each kWh is generated and the plant that has produced it, indi-cating to the client its levels of consumption at any given time. It can also assign guarantees of origin or associated green attributes to each point of consumption.

Blockchain technology means that the traceability of the energy from the point of generation to the point of con-sumption can be done with complete transparency, as well as recording the moment it is produced. This ensures the unchangeable nature of the data recorded and makes dou-ble-entry accounting for renewable attributes impossible.


Greenchain provides the client with additional information on the advantages that its renewable consumption repre-sents from the point of view of sustainability, in terms of:

  • CO2 emissions avoided by the client's consumption and the plant supplying the energy.
  • Significant equivalences (trees planted, fossil-fuel vehicles withdrawn from service).

Sustainable Development Goals

Greenchain also provides information on community pro-jects associated with a renewable energy generation plant that are linked to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), specifying the number of initiatives set in motion and the number of people who benefit from them.

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