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Long-term contracts (PPA)

Price security, and certainty vis-à-vis the future

The key feature of PPAs for renewable energies is that they guarantee clients energy supplies at a stable price over a long period of time (ideally, more than 10 years). In their different modalities (on-site, physical, financial, green energy certificates, etc.), PPAs are growing exponentially, driven above all by large corporations that have made a clear commitment to energy sustainability and to their shareholders and interest groups, for reasons of environmental awareness and economic efficiency. Small- and medium-sized companies are increasingly using this model. In ACCIONA we adapt to the profile of each client to propose the most suitable solutions in each case.

Among the advantages of PPAs for clients, we would highlight the following:

  • They cover the protection risk involved in market volatility.
  • A very competitive energy price-
  • They make long-term cost structuring easier.
  • They help towards compliance with sustainability targets.
  • They improve a company’s reputation as a sustainable entity.
  • They create savings in investments and maintenance costs.
  • They ensure reliable electricity supplies.

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