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Energy retailer for Spain & Portugal

Through its subsidiary ACCIONA Green Energy Developments, ACCIONA Energy manages the sale of electricity produced by other renewables producers that have put their trust in our experience and technical capability. It also markets 100% renewable energy to major customers.

The company is the biggest marketer of 100% renewable energy in Spain and Portugal, with more than 5,000 GWh supplied to major customers annually. It supplies or has supplied energy to Telefónica, Aena, Unilever, Metro de Madrid, Coca-Cola Partners, Inditex and Freixenet, as well as a number of hospitals and museums in and around Madrid, among others.

The services that ACCIONA Green offers its customers can be summarized in the following areas:

  • Representation in the market

    Representation before the wholesale electric power market, certification of guarantee of renewable origin, operations in the wholesale market, optimization of operation and maintenance systems, settlements, calculation of invoicing to distribution companies, etc.

  • Marketing of electricity

    Supply of energy to major end customers with 100% guarantee of renewable origin, certified by the National Energy Commission. Administrative back-up and advice on the most suitable contracting modality.

  • Management of CO2 portfolio

    Management of carbon credits through allocations by the EU (EUAs) or CDM projects, access to international carbon markets and related operations.

ACCIONA Green Energy Developments

The clean energy of ACCIONA

ACCIONA Green Energy Developments is the ACCIONA Energy subsidiary that manages the sale of the energy produced by the Group’s plants, as well as that of other renewables producers. It also markets renewable energy with guarantee of origin to major customers.

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