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    Ventika-Ventika II Wind Complex

    Two wind farms totaling 252 MW capacity with eighty-four AW116/3000 wind turbines

    The wind complex made up by Ventika and Ventika II wind farms represents the biggest turn-key contract (EPC) carried out by ACCIONA globally. This milestone in the company's track-record reaches 252 MW capacity thanks to eighty-four AW116/3000 wind turbines with Nordex/ACCIONA Windpower's technology. Each turbine, with 3 MW rated capacity, features a 116m-long rotor diameter on a 120m-high concrete tower. The project, which was installed by late 2015 and entered full commercial operation in April 2016, was built for a consortium formed by Fisterra Energy, CEMEX and some private inverstors. It is currently owned by IEnova (Sempra Energy). It was inaugurated by Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto on September 12, 2016.



    General Bravo, Nuevo Leon. Mexico.
    252 MW.
    Wind turbine generator
    ACCIONA Windpower AW116/3000.
    Concrete, hub height 120m
    EPC project for Cemex, Fisterra Energy and others.

    Key Points

    • Largest EPC project carried out by ACCIONA Energy worldwide.
    • First wind farm featuring concrete towers in Mexico, manufactured close to the site which means relevant cost-savings.
    • Deep positive impact in the social and economic activity in the region.
    • Built in 18 months, before initially planned.
    • Covering an area of around seven thousand square meters, equivalent to near ten thousand football pitches.
    • Two CEMEX Prizes awarded for the constructive quality of the project and its innovative aspects.


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