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    Mt Gellibrand Wind Farm

    Fourth ACCIONA's wind farm in Australia, fully operational since August 2018

    ACCIONA is finishing building its fourth wind farm in Australia. Mount Gellibrand Wind Farm has a capacity of 132 MW and will produce enough clean energy to power some 60,000 Australian homes. Construction works started in April 2017 and the entry into service will be completed in Agust 2018.

    With a AUD258m investment (around 183 million euros) the new facility will feature 44 Nordex AW125/3000 wind turbines, with 3MW rated capacity each and 125m-diameter rotor mounted on 87,5m-high steel towers (hub height).

    Mt Gellibrand wind farm will make ACCIONA reach 434.5 MW wind capacity in Australia.

    For more information, visit the ACCIONA Australia web site.




    Colac Otway Shire, Victoria. Australia.
    132 MW.
    Wind turbine
    Nordex ACCIONA Windpower AW125/3000.
    steel, 87.5m hub height.
    2nd half of 2018.

    Key Points

    • AUD258 million investment.
    • Made up of 44 wind turbines.
    • Rotors with 125m diameter on 87.5m high steel towers (at hub level)
    • Clean energy output equivalent to the power demand of 66,000 Australian homes (429 GWh a year)
    • 412,000 t of CO2 emissions avoided per year (in coal-fired power stations).
    • Over 100 construction jobs and approximately 10 ongoing full time equivalent positions on site..
    • Located 25 kilometres east of Colac and 17km west of Winchelsea in the Colac Otway Shire on Victoria’s Western Plains.


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