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    El Cortijo Wind Farm

    The ACCIONA's fifth wind farm in Mexico is the first to enter service of those associated with the Energy reform in the country

    In September 2018, ACCIONA finished commissioning its fifth owned wind farm in Mexico. Built in 15 months, El Cortijo is a 183-megawatt (MW) power plant located in the state of Tamaulipas and involves an investment of 235 million dollars.

    El Cortijo was the first renewable project to begin construction among those resulting from the electricity auctions held in Mexico within the framework of the Energy Reform and has been the first one to be completed too. Located 40 kilometers south of Reynosa, it features 61 AW125/3000 wind turbines of Nordex Acciona Windpower technology. Once in service, it will generate enough clean energy to meet the power demand of 458,000 Mexican homes, avoiding the emission of over 429 thousand tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere annually.






    Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Mexico.
    183 MW.
    Wind turbine
    Nordex ACCIONA Windpower AW125/3000.
    Concrete, 120-meter hub height
    Start up
    September 2018.

    Key Points

    • Investment of 235 millon dollars.
    • Made up of 61wind turbines.
    • Rotors with 125m diameter on 120m high concrete towers (at hub level)
    • First renewable project to be started and finished among those resulting from the Mexico's Energy Reform
    • Clean energy output equivalent to the power demand of 458,000 Mexican homes.
    • 366,000 tonnes of CO2 avoided each year.
    • Contribution of around 232 million US dollars to Mexico’s GDP during its working life, according to a socioeconomic impact study.
    • More than 400 people working during peak times
    • The project includes the laying of 173 km of cables, 12,802 cubic meters of concrete, 43 km of tracks and 1,456 special transports


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