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    Sishen Photovoltaic Plant

    With its 94.3 MWp peak capacity, Sishen was the biggest installed by ACCIONA in the world when it entered service and the company’s first success in the development of renewable energies in South Africa



    The Sishen plant, located at Dibeng (Northern Cape), was developed and built by ACCIONA together with local partners.

    It entered service on 29 November 2014, and its forecast annual generation is 216 GWh, making it the highest-producing photovoltaic plant in Africa with generation equivalent to the consumption of 100,000 South African homes.

    The plant covers approximately 250 hectares, most of them occupied by the solar field, with 319,600 modules (photovoltaic panels), which transform the energy from the sun’s rays into electricity. If they were arranged in a straight line, the solar modules of Sishen would reach a length of 327 kilometers.

    The modules are supported on 470 horizontal structures (trackers) that are programmed to follow the sun across the sky from west to east every day of the year, thereby optimizing the capture of its rays.

    Given the excellent solar resource in the territory where the plant is located, it can function 2,880 equivalent hours at full load, giving the installation one of the highest availability indices in the world for photovoltaic plants.

    The Sishen plant will avoid the emission of 208,000 metric tons of CO2 to the atmosphere from coal-fired power plants every year, with a cleaning effect on the atmosphere equivalent to the photosynthesis of more than ten million trees.


    Dibeng, Northern Cape (South Africa).
    Peak capacity
    94.3 MWp.
    Nominal capacity
    74 MW.
    Photovoltaic solar with horizontal tracking.
    ACCIONA (54.9%), Royal Bafokeng Holdings (25.1%), Soul City (10%), Dibeng Community Solar Energy Trust (10%).

    Key Points

    • Average annual production 216 GWh, the highest in Africa in a PV plant.
    • Clean energy equivalent to the demand of 100,000 South African homes.
    • 319,600 photovoltaic modules in 470 horizontal trackers
    • 327 kilometers of solar panels
    • 250 hectares covered
    • 208,000 metric tons of CO2 avoided per year
    • Local and community development programs.
    • More than 3,700 man/days/month, with 94% of the construction workers from South Africa


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