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Major projects

El Romero Solar PV Plant

The biggest photovoltaic plant in Latin America when completed and one of the largest in the world

Puerto Libertad photovoltaic plant

A giant of 404 MWp in the Sonoran Desert (Mexico)

Sishen Photovoltaic Plant

The highest photovoltaic production in Africa

Benban Photovoltaic Complex

Three twin plants totaling 186 MWp in Aswan (Egypt)

Amareleja Photovoltaic Plant

Demonstration of technological capacity

Monte Alto Solar Garden in Milagro

Grouping of photovoltaic installation owners

Tama te Ra'a photovoltaic plant

First grid-connected renewable facility on Easter Island

Dymerka 2-3-4 photovoltaic complex

Three adjacent plants totaling 57.6 MWp in Ukraine

Royalla Photovoltaic Plant

PV facility installed for third-parties

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