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    Cerro Dominador CSP Plant

    Cerro Dominador, the first thermal power plant in Latin America.

     The turnkey project (EPC) is being developed by a consortium led by ACCIONA, in which Abengoa participates. This is the first thermal power plant built in Latin America, specifically in the town of María Elena, in the Atacama Desert, Chile, an area with one of the highest levels of solar radiation in the world.

    Cerro Dominador is a project commissioned by EIG Global Energy Partners, and the technology used is tower thermal solar energy, with a capacity of 110 MW. This new plant will work on an area of approximately 146 hectares and will have 10,600 heliostats that will direct the solar radiation to a receiver located at an altitude of 252 meters. The tower thermal solar energy allows achieving a greater efficiency in comparison with the parabolic trough by reducing the path of the thermal conductive fluid, being this molten salts.

    The project will generate clean energy in a manageable manner for 24 hours and will have a molten salt thermal storage capacity of 17.5 hours. In addition, Cerro Dominador will be able to avoid the emission of 640,000 tons of Co2 per year.

    It is planned to create more than 1,000 jobs in the area at its peak of construction for which residents of the communes of the region will have access in the first place.


    General Information

    Project undertaken by ACCIONA's Infrastructure Division

    Atacama Desert, Chile
    EIG Global Energy Partners
    110 MW
    EPC - Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning
    Tower CSP with 17.5 hours of thermal storage of molten salts


    Key Points

    • Thermal storage in molten salts of 17.5 hours
    • CO2 avoided per year: 640,000 tonnes
    • Area: 146 hectares

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