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ACCIONA is one of the main renewable energy operators in the world, with more than 10,000 MW installed for the company in five clean technologies

It owns electricity generation assets based on renewable energy sources that totaled 10,240 MW at 31/03/2020. Of this figure, 79% corresponds to wind power, 12% to solar photovoltaic, 9% to hydro power and the rest to biomass and CSP plants.

55% of the capacity in which the company holds a stake is in Spain, and the rest is distributed among sixteen countries (United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Ukraine, Australia, India, South Africa and Egypt).

The company has also installed 1,974 MW for customers, most of this capacity being in wind power (1,875 MW) and photovoltaic solar (98 MWp).


Cumulative capacity owned by ACCIONA (MW)

Technology Total Consolidated Net
Wind Power 8049.75 6622.64 6425.55
Photovoltaic 1192.71 556.33 785.93
Hydropower 873.00 873.00 873.00
CSP 64.00 64.00 42.67
Biomass 61.20 61.20 58.80
Total 10240.66 8177.17 8185.95


Data as of 31 March 2020.

Accumulated renewable capacity installed by ACCIONA (MW)


Renewable production


We use renewable sources in a sustainable way to produce clean energy without greenhouse emissions. We generate electricity without increasing global warming by using sources available in each territory, which reduces the need to import energy.

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