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Suppliers and partners

ACCIONA’s concern about creating healthy working environments extends to suppliers and partners of other companies.

If you work for a company that is going to work for ACCIONA Energía, either directly or through a third party contract, you need to know that the highest standards will be required of you, to ensure the safety and health of both your employees and any other people that may be affected by your activity.

In this respect, within the coordination of activities between both companies, you should contact the ACCIONA Energía manager who is going to contract you prior to the start of the work. (S)he will inform you of the hazards and safety instructions you will need to take into account, including the procedure for exchanging safety documentation applied to the facility where you will be working.

Please bear in mind that, in this process of prior planning of work, it is highly likely that you may be required to present certain documents (e.g. training certificates, safety instructions, etc.), so it is important that you anticipate these requirements so as not to delay the start of the contracted activity.

Finally, if you are going to visit one of our centres, and regardless of whether you will be informed on site of the hazards you may be exposed to, you can consult the main security instructions that you will have to follow (depending on the facility you are going to visit) in advance.

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