Exceeding expectations

The CSP (solar thermal) technology applied by ACCIONA has demonstrated its high energy production capacity since it entered service.

The Nevada Solar One facility, grid connected in June 2007, produced 136 GWh during its first full year of operation (2008), an increase of 9% over initial forecasts. The plant continued to function satisfactorily, taking into account differences in the varability of solar irradiation.

Nevada Solar One was joined by Alvarado I (September, 2009), Majadas (November, 2010), Palma del Río II (December, 2010), Palma del Río I (July, 2011), and Orellana (September, 2012), all of them in southern Spain.

In 2013 ACCIONA Energy's CSP generation reached 546GWh, 8.39% down from the previous year. The CSP production reached 466GWh in 9M2014 (475GWh in 9M2013).

The graph below shows the evolution of the company's production from CSP.

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