Nevada Solar One

Key facts:

  • Location: Boulder City, Nevada (USA)
  • Technology: CSP; parabolic trough.
  • Commissioned: June 2007.
  • Capacity: 64 MW.
  • Approximate annual production: 136 GWh.
  • Equivalent consumption: 15,000 households.
  • CO2 emissions avoided: 129,000 metric tons/year (in coal
  • fired power stations).
  • Surface area: 130 hectares.
  • Length of troughs: 76 kilometers.
  • Investment: 250 million dollars.
  • Power utility customers: Nevada Power Company and Sierra Pacific Resources.
  • Jobs: 400 (average) in Construction and 30 in Operation.


Nevada Solar One is the biggest CSP plant installed in the world in the last 19 years and the third biggest in absolute terms behind the two 80 MW facilities constructed in the Mojave desert (USA)in the early 1990s. It represents the re- emergence of a technology that will play a major role in the US energy system and in large parts of the world with sufficient solar resources.

Strategic importance:

Nevada Solar One has made ACCIONA a world leader in CSP. The plant's construction and operation, with production 9% higher than forecast in the first year of operation, has been a key experience in order to undertake new projects in this technology.

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Nevada Solar One

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